Technologists for the Public Good

A professional association for technologists that serve the public good


Our professional association offers you connections with other technologists in your community and across the nation. We're a network of folks from many disciplines and backgrounds, including but not limited to: human-centered designers, software engineers, data scientists, product managers, procurement experts, policy analysts, and more that are as passionate as you about creating a government that works for the public. Our common goal is to use our skills in service of the public good, and to help each other by sharing lessons learned along the way. You'll find value in:

We’re excited to announce a new membership model designed to deliver even more value to the people we support. 

Starting October 1, 2024, we’ll introduce a dues-based membership model. Standard membership dues will be $150 annually, with discounted and organizational options available.

This membership model will enable us to provide expanded value to our members, be responsible stewards of our members' trust, and build long-term stability for this community. Learn more here.

——— WHAT WE DO ———

We power the people who are reimagining

 how the government serves the public.

——— OUR VALUES ———


We provide a safe and neutral space where people can find and learn from one another, across government and industry, as individual practitioners with a common goal of helping government work better. We encourage authentic connections that provide value to everyone.


We create opportunities for people to work together, across organizations and disciplines, on efforts that help improve public service outcomes. We encourage an inclusive and equitable approach to collaboration, where each person’s voice is heard and valued.


We provide avenues for sharing lessons learned and best practices, giving change makers the ability to learn what’s working -- and what’s not -- so they can improve things in their organizations. We encourage openness and transparency for easier transfer of knowledge and as a paradigm for an open and accountable government.


We provide opportunities for people to learn new skills and modern ways of working that they can apply to their daily jobs. We encourage agile and human-centered practices that help government agencies become more efficient and resilient, delivering services that best meet people where they are.


We cultivate the field of modern government digital services, at a time when “services” and “digital” have become inseparable. We provide a platform for conversations that shape the future of service delivery, elevating the voices and work of those who are daring to do things differently. We encourage the use of data-driven decision-making to drive tangible improvements over innovation for its own sake.


Hosting or know of an event? Email us at with the event details and we'll add it to our calendar!