2023 Reflection
to the Community

Published March 2024

From the Executive Director

2023 was a tremendous year of growth for Technologists for the Public Good (TPG). We saw a 134% increase in membership, tripled our events while increasing attendance, and had more active engagement in Slack than ever. 

We welcomed leaders from across the public and private sector for demo days about radical participatory design, crowdsourcing innovation, and intergenerational civic hacking; offered workshops on government resume creation, communication dynamics, and meditation; offered hands-on resume review; participated in the Tech to Gov initiative to help guide thousands interested in government roles; created opportunities to connect both virtually and in-person; launched a pilot mentorship program; and more.

We have even more planned for 2024 – things that build on our existing successes and things that push us in new directions. Throughout, we’ll stay focused on our goal: Building an engaged, diverse workforce with the skills and resources they need to thrive.

Thank you for being part of this journey so far. I’m excited about what comes next.

Reilly Martin

Who We Are

As organizational change and growth happens we know it’s important to remind ourselves who we are and what we offer.

We are a professional association for people who are reimagining how the government serves the public through technology. We provide tools, resources, and a community in which people can find and learn from one another, across sectors, as individual practitioners with a common goal of helping government work better to deliver better outcomes to the public. Most of our members and services are focused in U.S. geographies.

Nearly 50% of members work in government, 25% at nonprofit organizations, a little more than 15% in academia, and 10% for political or movement organizations. 

Members still skew heavily design or research, product management, and software engineering. There is a growing number of folks that work in data science, operations, and policy. 

Finally, we continue to welcome folks who identify and/or are interested in public interest technology in a broad way and would love to see our membership grow to include more folks with a skillset in marketing and communications, advocacy, talent management, and procurement.

Our Theory of Change

We know that an engaged, diverse workforce that has the skills and resources to thrive in their roles leads to better government service delivery that equitably meets people’s needs. 

If we invest in the individuals who are reimagining how the government serves the public through technology then:

What Members Want

Here's what we've heard from you:

Delivering on Value for Members in 2024 and Beyond

In 2024, as a professional association we’re focused on:

We’ll work on expanding partnerships, ensuring a sustainable future for the organization, and exploring new ways to support this field altogether.

A sneak peek on a few specific upcoming items:

"TPG has been an invaluable part of my personal and professional growth. As a TPG member, I’ve had the chance to learn from engaging workshops, thought-provoking Slack conversations, one-on-one resume review, and a remarkable network of peers and mentors who encourage, challenge, and support — and it’s what helped me land my first government role as a technical project manager for my city. I recommend TPG to anyone looking to deepen their engagement with this work and help take public interest tech to the next level, whether you’re an aspiring or established civic technologist."

Kriti Garg, TPG member and committee volunteer 

Where Your Support Comes In

We’ve been able to develop our organizational infrastructure and expand our program offerings thanks to philanthropic funding. Philanthropic funding is often a catalyst, but also typically isn’t the only thing organizations should rely on for long-term sustainability. In 2024, we're determining the best way to support this work moving forward while ensuring that programming remains accessible and doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. We're asking now and will continue to ask community members to invest in yourselves and the field. 

Contribute a financial gift to support the future of TPG

If making a financial contribution isn’t possible right now, then consider helping TPG in other ways: