Our Board of Directors is a diverse group of practitioners dedicated to building the field of public interest technology.

Stephanie Cain is a white female with long blonde hair. She is wearing a black blazer and leaning up against a building with a tree in the background.

Stephanie Cain

Acting President (LinkedIn)

Stephanie Cain is a product, design and research consultant working with government organizations. In the past, she has served as the Interim Lead at InnovateUS, a founding member and the Deputy Director of the Colorado Digital Service, and a fellow at Code for America. Stephanie has worked at almost every level of government and values bringing people who will use or are impacted by product or service - into the decision-making process. 

Anicia Santos Headshot

Anicia Santos

Acting Vice President (LinkedIn)

Anicia is an Indigenous technologist who works in digital transformation and systems design. She is currently a Solutions Architect with Resolve to Save Lives, a global public health organization. She started working with Resolve to Save Lives on the US Covid Response program where she consulted with jurisdictions across the United States. She now works with multilateral organizations and ministries of health outside the US on epidemic preparedness.

Anicia has founded grassroots equity and inclusion groups that were later formalized within companies. Within her own vertical, she trains leaders on and advocates for equitable hiring and advancement practices. She is passionate about dismantling white supremacy in all its forms, and especially within the typical ways technology is built and implemented.

Cyd Harrell Headshot

Cyd Harrell

Secretary (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Cyd Harrell serves as the City and County of San Francisco’s second Chief Digital Services Officer and is the author of A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide. In her early civic tech career, Cyd worked with the Center for Civic Design as lead researcher for Volume 7 of Field Guides to Ensuring Voter Intent, and with Code for America as User Experience (UX) Evangelist and Product Director. In 2016, she joined 18F and later served as the first Chief of Staff. Most recently, she engaged in a residency at the Judicial Council of California, working on digital services for self-represented litigants in civil cases. During that span, she also worked with Very Little Gravitas on a strategic technology vision for California’s executive branch and the National Council on Citizenship to understand the experience of seeking public benefits during the pandemic’s early months. Cyd is fascinated by the systems behind our experiences with institutions and has spent the past decade working to redesign them; she is still learning how we as communities can do this.

Molly Porter Headshot

Molly Porter

Treasurer (LinkedIn)

Molly currently serves as the Managing Director at the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University.  Previously, she served as Senior Director of Project Management at the Case Foundation, leading collaboration and innovation across teams and subject matters to strategize, develop and execute the Foundation’s Inclusive Entrepreneurship & Impact Investing programs, communications and operations. Outside of work, Molly is busy pursuing her passions for travel, cooking, hiking, spin, yoga and learning.

Abbey Kos Headshot

Abbey Kos

Director (LinkedIn)

Abbey is the leader of digital experience for Amazon Web Services' state and local government team. A writer, editor, and content strategist, she's spent the past 15 years focused on how governments talk to the people they serve. Before joining AWS, Abbey was at 18F; there, she started as a content designer, became their director of strategy, and created the first-ever federal digital services team dedicated to designing change. Prior to that, she managed content for FutureGov (a local government consultancy in the United Kingdom) and was a ghostwriter for Martha Lane Fox, Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, the founder of the UK's Government Digital Services. Her public sector work includes federal resources for coronavirus, addiction, and healthy food choices; her private sector work includes stories published in Jezebel, the Washington Post, and McSweeney's.

Ayushi Roy Heashot

Ayushi Roy

Director (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Ayushi uses her product background to help build more equitable and inclusive technology that improves the delivery of public benefits for families like her own. She is currently the Deputy Director of New America's New Practice Lab. Previously, Ayushi served at the U.S. Technology Modernization Fund managing the investment of $1B from ARP funds towards federal modernization efforts, at 18F as the Director of State and Local Technology, co-authored the Unemployment Insurance playbook used by executives in response to COVID-19, was a founding member of Oakland's digital services team, and served on the Equity Advisory Committee for the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. She also enjoys giving back to her city as a Commissioner for the Oakland Public Library and a public gardener. 

Cori Zarek Headshot

Cori Zarek

Director (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Cori is a director and co-founder of Technologists for the Public Good. She currently serves as the deputy administrator of the U.S. Digital Service, a team at the White House that uses technology and design to improve how the federal government delivers services. Before joining USDS, Cori was at Georgetown University where she was the executive director of the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation. Cori previously worked for the U.S. National Archives and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy where she was Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer. In 2020, Cori co-founded U.S. Digital Response which matches pro-bono technologists to work with government and organizations responding to urgent challenges. She teaches a course called Data for Social Impact at Georgetown and lives in Washington, D.C.