Meet the Technologists for the Public Good Board of Directors.

Jenn Noinaj, President (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Jenn Noinaj is a design leader passionate about using human-centered design to solve society’s most pressing challenges. Most recently, Jenn led the Public Interest Technology Workforce project at the Beeck Center where she focused on understanding the needs of the workforce and identified solutions to make the field more inclusive. Prior to this role, she worked in the federal government at the U.S. Digital Service where she partnered with various agencies to transform digital services, building capacity in technology and design and championing a user-centric culture. Jenn has also worked in the private sector where she helped teams shape the strategy and vision of their products and specialized in designing and delivering digital solutions.

Stephanie Cain, Vice President (LinkedIn)

Stephanie Cain is a Human Centered Design Specialist with the Colorado Digital Service (CDS), one of the first state digital service teams. As a founding member of CDS, Stephanie is helping to shepherd strategies and practices for the state while working on high-impact projects like the COVID-19 response and resources for incorporating human-centered design practices in the procurement and contracting process. Prior to this role, she worked at Code for America, Clover Health, and Pivotal Software where she championed product strategy, participatory design methods and user research.

Cyd Harrell, Secretary (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Cyd Harrell is a UX researcher and product manager who got hooked on civic tech at early 2010s hackathons. Since 2012, Cyd has focused her career on public interest tech, working with the Center for Civic Design, where she led research for Field Guides 7, Designing election department websites, and Code for America, where she headed User Experience and then Product. Cyd joined the federal government’s 18F in 2016 and served as a Strategy Lead and then as 18F’s first Chief of Staff. Cyd is currently consulting as Service Design Lead with the Judicial Council of California, helping improve the UX of the civil justice system. She is the author of the 2020 book A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide, an onboarding guide and survival manual for tech people joining public sector work. Over the years, Cyd has been a mentor to many people in the field, and she is dedicated to a more inclusive, more capable, and better coordinated public interest tech movement.

Bill Maile, Treasurer (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Bill runs a media firm based in Sacramento, California where he has spent most of his career serving in California state government. Previously he served as communications director for the Child Welfare Digital Services project and deputy secretary of communications for the California Technology Agency.

Aaron Pava, Board Member (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Aaron is the co-founder of CivicActions, which helps government deliver better public services through modern technology, design and workforce development. Previously Aaron served at the US Digital Service, focused on modernizing digital service procurement. He is a co-founder of the Digital Services Coalition, and Agile Government Leaders Association.

Angelica Quicksey, Board Member (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Angelica Quicksey is a service designer with a background in public policy and urban planning. She began her civic tech career in 2012 as a ‘public service trainee.’ Since then, she has delivered modern public services as a public servant and a consultant, at the local, state, and federal levels. Angelica built the San Francisco Business Portal, worked on technology procurement in Boston, designed for digital transformation with Accenture Federal, and currently leads design teams at Nava PBC.

Anicia Santos, Board Member (LinkedIn)

Anicia Santos is a queer, Indigenous technologist who works as a solutions architect, primarily consulting with private companies and both private and public health organizations. Her consulting typically involves helping these entities evaluate their data infrastructure and flows and recommending potential partners to help improve efficiency of these data flows. Most recently, she has been working with Resolve to Save Lives, starting in their US Covid Response program where she consulted with jurisdictions across the United States on their data flows. She now works with Ministries of Health in several African countries, supporting their work on epidemic preparedness.

She has founded grassroots equity and inclusion groups that were later formalized within companies. Within her own vertical, she trains leaders on and advocates for equitable hiring and advancement practices. She is passionate about dismantling white supremacy in all its forms, and especially within the typical ways technology is built and implemented.

Cori Zarek, Board Member (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Cori Zarek is the Executive Director of the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University where she leads a team of fellows, staff, and students using data, design, and technology to achieve better and more equitable outcomes in society. Prior to joining Georgetown University, Cori served as Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States where she led work to build a more digital, open, and collaborative government including helping to stand up and support the U.S. Digital Service, 18F and the Presidential Innovation Fellows. Cori was a Mozilla Foundation fellow in technology policy and co-chaired Code for America's 2019 annual summit. In 2020, Cori co-founded U.S. Digital Response which matches pro-bono technologists to work with government and organizations responding to crisis. She currently also leads that organization’s Advisory Council.

Robin Thottungal, Board Member (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Robin Thottungal is currently the Chief Information Officer for US OPM OIG. In this role, he focuses on building a modern CIO’s office bringing together traditional technical services with newer-generation services such as digital transformation, data analytics and other emerging technologies. Before joining OPM OIG, Robin was the National Gallery of Arts first Chief Technology/Analytics officer focusing on bringing forward looking technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality to enhance the museum experience for its visitors. Prior to NGA, Robin was the EPA's first chief data scientist focused on creating and implementing an agency-wide vision for analytics and digital transformation for effective data-driven decision making. He is also one of the founding members of the US White House Data Cabinet aimed at bringing data leaders across the government to a single platform.  Before joining the federal service, Robin was at Deloitte Consulting providing strategic advising to clients on different aspects of creating a culture of using data within their organization.  Robin has also served as Selection Panelist for the American Academy of Sciences Hellman Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy for the past two years and also held the Vice-Chair position for the IEEE Washington DC section.