New Membership Model

Since our founding in 2021, Technologists for the Public Good has operated as a grassroots association of professional technologists making a big impact in communities across the nation. As we expand our scope we have reached an inflection point to build on our momentum with a new membership model designed to deliver even more value to the people we support.

Membership Costs

Membership will be $150 per year for individuals. Member dues will be paid via online payment. Just as now, members are required to agree and adhere to our code of conduct

We are committed to offering discounted membership options to provide member benefits to as many people as possible. No one will be excluded from membership based solely on the inability to pay dues. More details on discounted memberships will be shared as we roll out the program.

Timing and Renewals

Member payments will be collected from current and future members starting October 1, 2024. After October 1, member dues will be collected when members join and renewed on a yearly basis from signup date. Members will have the option to pay dues in monthly or yearly installments.

Gifting Memberships

Gift memberships can be purchased for others. If you'd like to support Technologists for the Public Good outside of a membership gift, we encourage donations!

Organizational Memberships

We are exploring the creation of a program for organizations and institutions of varying sizes to purchase blocks of memberships for their staff. If your organization is interested in this program, then contact us at 

We are committed to monitoring, evaluating, and communicating the impact of this new membership model on accessibility, equity, and alignment with our mission.

Membership Means More


Building resiliency for our members to work more efficiently within and in support of government agencies.


Creating more opportunities to work together to improve public service outcomes.


Developing more spaces and programs to continue to learn from one another.


Providing more opportunities to share best practices and learn from other practitioners in the field.


Working together to drive even more tangible improvements to public service initiative.

Why we're moving to this new model

1. Expanding value

We’re making this shift to expand our services to provide more value to members. An active membership association will be able to provide a more robust and supportive environment that can meet the needs of technologists serving the public interest.

2. Responsible stewardship

Our highest priority is serving members’ needs and creating more valuable programming and opportunities to work together, all to help our members grow. Investments from membership itself enable us to do this even better.

3. Building long-term stability

Our goal as an association is to build a consistent, diverse, sustainable, and long-term community that continues to thrive with ever-greater experiences. To accomplish this goal, our financial support must itself also be consistent, diverse, and sustainable. This new membership model enables us to move toward long-term financial stability, meaning more long-term programming for our members.

Current Member Benefits


Professional Development


Member Testimonials

Volunteering with TPG has been my way of applying my energy to help grow and shape not only the organization, but the discourse in the civic tech field in general. It’s been a very rewarding experience.

I wanted to get more involved in the civic tech community, to connect with like-minded individuals that are passionate about making public services work better.

Through TPG I can work in a collaborative environment, make a positive impact, continue professional growth and learning, drive meaningful change, and maintain my commitment to social justice.

TPG Member Sessions

TPG members are invited to join staff virtually for open time to talk about your wants or needs as a member as well as to ask questions about TPG's new membership model. Register online: